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Video: Project HERO

True Experiences

"We had called 5 major local hospitals for beds. There weren't any. While my grand father was throwing up, dehydrated, in pain, my father was struggling to find him a local hospital bed. My 88 year old grand father had to wait for 10 hrs before his abdominal surgical emergency was operated upon."
A cardiologist (name withheld), whose grandfather had strangulated hernia and had to wait 5 hours to get an ICU bed.

Imagine spending the last minutes of your life searching for a hospital ICU bed!!

Or spending crucial time trying to get blood of the required type and quantity in an emergency to "save your loved ones."

Many of us have been there! Situations where the only thing that stands between life and death is instant real time information.... about the nearest hospital that has a vacant ICU bed and about the nearest blood banks with blood of the required type and quantity.

For both personal emergencies and mass disasters,

The city needs a HERO:
A Helpline for Emergency Response Operations.

A centralized automated set-up that is geared up to provide real-time updated information.

About the availability of ICU beds and blood of the required type in the ICUs and blood banks of the city.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

On the phone, through a sms-based autoreply system and a website.

Get an instant notification via phone or sms if there is a change in the status in the first hour after query.

NGO ARMMAN, in partnership with NGO SNEHA, technology partners Inscripts, hospital software partners Plus91 Technologies and the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) have already started an eight-month pilot of Project HERO at Sion Hospital.

To make HERO work as envisioned, this initiative also needs your support.

It needs you to Be a HERO.

Be a part of Project HERO to make this change happen.... Learn more >>

Be A Hero Campaign: April 1st 2012

Let us Be Better Prepared. We cannot catch terrorists but we can at least tend to the wounded quickly! Please help us help the victims of Terror attacks & emergencies in Mumbai.

Reach out. Make a difference. Be a HERO.